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The Industrial Lift Safety Team is available to help Toronto, Mississauga and Scarborough businesses find new employees or certify your current employees with WHMIS, Fall Protection or Forklift Safety Training.

Employee Safety Training

As a Human Resource Specialist, you have enough to keep you busy, with issues such as hiring, firing, labour disputes, and maintaining a safe, productive, and cost-effective workforce. The last thing you need is trouble from  your safety training company.

Each year about 100 workers are killed and almost 95,000 are injured in industrial accidents. An injury or death is often followed by a lawsuit leading to closures and/or bankruptcies.

Our Safety Courses And Certificates

You want affordable, safety training and certification - delivered when you want it, by a training organization you can trust. Industrial Lift Safety delivers safety training with industry-recognized safety certificates.

Don’t Risk The Health Of Your Employees Or Your Organization

Human Resource Managers, Recruiters, and employees have voiced their concerns about the high cost and questionable validity of many industrial safety licences issued by training companies in Ontario - putting workers and their employers at risk.

Industrial Lift Savety Courses

Industrial Lift Safety courses, and certificates are in full accordance with:

  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA)
  • Technical Safety Standards Association (TSSA)

You Voiced Your Concerns And We Listened

Human Resource Managers, Recruiters, and Employees have voiced their concerns about the high cost and questionable validity of many safety certificates issued in Ontario. Here’s what they told us:

  • Safety training programs are too expensive and too long because the instructors pad their courses with "filler" topics
  • It takes too long to receive the certificate, causing bottlenecks in production and distribution
  • Certificates from cut-rate training organizations void our company insurance policies and create dangerous situations with under-trained workers
  • We need training and certification programs that properly assess our employees and keep them safe on the job

Safe Fast Affordable Training And Certification

Industrial Lift Safety offers you timely, affordable, safety training and certification to ensure competence and keep you safe on the job.

A Typical Accident Scenario

Terry, an HR manager for a major distributer, chose to re-certify the company’s lift truck operators through a particular training company because their exam was known to be inexpensive and “super easy” to pass. All of the employees passed the exam, but a few weeks later one worker seriously injured another while operating his forklift. The injured worker sued the company, and Terry was held responsible because the lift truck operator was found to be improperly trained, which voided the company insurance policy.

Seven Great Reasons To Choose Industrial Lift Safety

  1. No liability concerns, because Industrial Lift Safety is recognized as a trusted leader in accredited lift truck certification
  2. No surprises, because our examination and certificates are recognized across Canada, the U.S., and internationally
  3. No instructor concerns, because your instructor is fully qualified, is fluent in English, and is focused on making sure your employees pass the exam
  4. No time lost. With some companies, it can take up to a week to get your certificates and licences. With Industrial Lift Safety, you receive a comprehensive course and test program and you get your certificates and high-quality, photo-I.D., clip-badge licences the same day you complete the course.
  5. No wasted time, because your operators will spend their time learning exactly what they need to pass the exam (find out how you can save time with our same-day-start and on-site programs where we come to your facility to train your workers and administer the exam)
  6. No stress, because our classrooms are comfortably air conditioned and our instructors take a relaxed, professional approach as they prepare your workers to take the exam
  7. No budget concerns, because we offer affordable fees

Ask About Our Safety Courses

Industrial Lift Safety offers training and certification for:

Don’t risk the health of your employees or your organization

Choose a safety training and certification centre that is affordable, insurer-trusted, and employer accepted. Choose Industrial Lift Safety.

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